Your Gutters and Proper Maintenance

Summer has transitioned to autumn, the change in color of the leaves will next be met with the subsequent falling of those very leaves. Frequently, depending upon tree height, these same leaves will land on your roof and ultimately in your gutters. Leaves in the gutter block the ideal flow of rain and other precipitation melt as they accumulate in massive numbers. It is always wise, before the hot transitions into cool to have someone climb up on that roof and clean the gutters of your St Paul or greater Twin Cities home. Call in Eastern Roofing & Siding who can help or fully carry out any gutter cleaning task, even repair or replace existing gutters on your home.

Home Gutter Installation

After the autumnal wind and cool we run directly into winter brisk and cold. The current wet and soggy will soon be frozen and thawed in an off and on (though largely weighted towards ‘on’) cycle throughout the winter months. The leaves that have accumulated in the fall, now frozen, contribute to the damage ice can cause in a gutter, altering the shape and sometimes overall structure of the gutters themselves.

Another risk with accumulated leaves in gutters during wintertime is the sheer weight of the ice mass. With enough snow and ice the mass accumulates into an ice cluster. The weight of this ice can easily topple and disconnect from your home the entire spouts and gutters network. It is all but essential as a standard means of maintenance for your gutters to keep them void of clutter.

Often, repair is not an option with severely damaged gutters. If your spouts and gutters come crashing down, Eastern Roofing & Siding can easily help with the installation of new pieces, if deemed beyond repair. Standards in the world of gutters include those made of aluminum, copper and vinyl. Fancying up as a means of leaf accumulation prevention can be done with features like seamless gutters and or leaf screens. To prevent corrosion and rust, coatings that inhibit such are available.

Having leaf screens installed in your gutters is a smart choice to prevent all of the above from unfolding. Screens completely block leaf access while still welcoming all forms of precipitous moisture. Having leaf screens installed in your gutters will eliminate the need to get up on that roof to clean them out!

If you would like a quote on or help with gutters in St Paul or points nearby, call Eastern Roofing at 651-238-1313, or Contact Us.

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