Woodbury Roofing Contractors: The Differences Between Roofing Materials

When thinking about plans for a new roof for your Woodbury home, do you ever get confused by the different types of roofing materials that are available nowadays? Eastern Roofing & Siding, one of the best Woodbury roofing contractors, is here to help clear up that confusion!

Shingled: Shingled roofs are usually consist of pieces that are flat and rectangular and are overlaid on top of one another. Each successive row, as the shingles go higher up on the roof, overlap the joints on the row below. Shingled roofs are very popular here in Woodbury, and they are a favorite of roofing contractors.

Tiled: Tiled roofs are made of ceramic and are beneficial because they are not prone to rotting. However, roofing contractors in Woodbury have to be careful about using these as they can be easily shattered by a falling tree branch or other debris.

Wood: Wood roofs are made of, well, wood! They are tapered and thin and used to be designed into distinctive patterns.

Rubber and hot tar: Rubber and hot tar are usually used by Woodbury roofing contractors for flat roofs. Rubber roofs can resist damage from sunlight and can be easily patched.

Metal: Metal roofs used to be associated with warehouses, but nowadays they are also used on residential homes by roofing contractors. They are fire-resistant, insects and other wildlife can’t burrow into them and damage them and they are eco-friendly.

Each type of roofing materials has its pros and cons, but we here at Eastern Roofing & Siding install these types because they are all great roofs, depending on your building’s needs. Call us today at (651) 238-1313 for more information on how our roofing contractors can help with all of your Woodbury roofing needs. Or, if you prefer, you can request a free quote online.

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