What Does the Color of Your Siding Say About You?

Did you put a lot of thought into what color siding you were going to have installed? If you did, then you may already know that different colors are associated with certain personality traits. If you’ve never paused to consider what your siding is saying about you, take a moment. According to The Huffington Post, some elements of your home’s exterior can say a lot about you and your personality.

Blue Siding

When we talk about a blue home exterior, you’re all probably thinking of a different shade. Blue is a very versatile siding color. It can fit into almost any setting, from shore houses to residential homes. Depending on the shade, each color can make a very different statement. A deep blue can look more regal, while a softer shade of blue can add lightness to the area. If you chose a shade of blue, your siding is saying about you:

  • You have a go with the flow attitude.
  • You’re personable and friendly- people flock to you.

Tan or Beige Siding

Tan and beige siding options are some of the most popular choices out there. They are neutral colors, so they match many colors perfectly. These colors can accent the current trim on your home, so you won’t have to make any dramatic changes. Tan and beige are nice alternative colors to white, as they do not dirty as easily. If you chose either of these colors for your home, some of your personality may be:

  • You’re a leader.
  • You’re clean and organized.

Green Siding

Green home exteriors may not be your average home exterior color choice, but if done correctly it can be beautiful. Green is an earthy tone, more in tune with nature. You can find almost any type of siding in a shade of green including wood, fiber cement, vinyl and more. A lighter green shade can almost fall into the beige category, while darker shades of green can make a grand statement. If you chose green siding for your home, your personality may have elements of:

  • Having strong values.
  • Considerate of your community and family.

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