Warning Signs of a Roof Leak

When it comes to roofing in Eagan, Eastern Roofing & Siding knows a thing or two: especially when it comes to the warning signs that your roof might be leaking. Roof leaks, when left unchecked, could cause a lot of damage and the need for expensive repairs to the interior and exterior of your home. Here are a few of the biggest signs that you need to have your roofing looked at by professionals like us.

While the type of roofing material your roof is made out of will factor into this, there are a few universal signs of roofing damage and potential leaks. One big sign is if your roofing shingles are missing or damaged. This is a big indication that you need to call roofing professionals like us to take a closer look. While a missing or damaged shingle does not always mean that your roof is going to leak, it’s still a good idea to get them looked at and replaced as soon as you notice a problem.

Sometimes, spotting a leaky roof isn’t as cut and dry. Water can leak in underneath the roofing materials, so keep an eye out for shingles that are buckling or ones that look like they are sagging into the roof. When water gets underneath the shingles, it can make the material surrounding the shingles very weak, and that is how water can get into your home.

Your home’s interior might also clue you in that there could be a problem with your roofing. Do you see any brown, yellow or gray stains on your ceiling? Are you noticing any moisture marks? Go into your attic and look for these signs as well as rafters that are damp or wet.

Take a close look at your electric bills too. If you’ve noticed a drastic increase in how much you are paying every month (due to escaping energy), this is another possible indication that your roofing needs to be inspected and possibly fixed by professionals like the ones at Eastern Roofing & Siding.

However, the only way to be completely sure that your roof is not leaking is to call in the pros at Eastern Roofing & Siding. We can come to your home and do a thorough inspection and then make recommendations on what you can do to make sure your roof is back in tip-top shape.

For more information on roofing in Eagan, call Eastern Roofing & Siding at 651-238-1313 or you can contact us to schedule your Free Quote.

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