The Time for A New Roof Has Come!

It is mid-September, so that means summer is coming to an end and fall is nearly upon us. And with the cold months ahead of us, the time to hire a roofing contractor in Cottage Grove is here! Here are a few reasons getting a new roof installed this time of year is your best bet.

If you can, try to plan ahead when hiring a roofing contractor. Obviously, this is the best bet for your budget, and you won’t have to make any hurried or rash decisions about your new roof installation. While the end of summer and early fall are popular times of year for a new roof installation, planning ahead means you can get on a roofing contractor’s schedule well in advance. This can help alleviate a lot of the stress that comes with having a new roof installed!

This time of year is great for hiring a roofing contractor for one main reason: the weather. In this transitional season, the weather is a bit more predictable than other times of year. Plus, because of the weather, it is a safer time of year for a roofing contractor to be up on your roof and doing the work. Less rain means it’s less likely they’ll slip. More sunlight makes it easier for them to see. Also, less rain means it is easier to keep your roof dry as we are installing it.

Plus, late summer and early fall tend to have milder temperatures than during the peak of the summer months or the extreme cold of the winter months. So that means roofing materials can settle properly and shingles are less likely to be damaged from the heat of the summer.

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