The Importance of Safe Roofing Repair

At Eastern Roofing & Siding, our number one priority for our employees and customers is safety. We want all of our roofers to practice the safest roofing repair techniques and to use the proper safety equipment. So here are a few safety tips from Eastern Roofing & Siding’s professionals in roofing repair in Eagan.

When we come to your home for roofing repair, our roofers always know that they should wear the proper shoes for the job. This means they wear rubber-soled work boots with treads that are not worn down. The roofers also always work with a partner, or several other roofers, during any roofing repair job. This is in case something happens and they need someone’s help, like if an emergency arises or if anyone gets injured on the job. They wear safety harnesses as well to help ensure that if anyone falls, they have a precaution in place to help prevent injury.

Before we begin a roofing repair job, we check our roofing equipment. We always make sure our tools, like our ladders, are in good shape. And before we get on the ladder to climb to your roof, we will take a few seconds to look at the ground to make sure the ladder is placed on even ground.

During a roofing repair job, we keep an eye out for dry rot and for other safety hazards. If a roof is in an especially bad state of disrepair, we make sure the roof is safe to walk on and work on before we begin the roofing repair job.

Also, we keep an eye on the weather. If the weather looks like it is getting bad, we will hold off or pause the roofing repair job, especially if we are about to have a thunderstorm. Lightning strikes are a very real and very dangerous weather hazard, and we want to be sure everyone is safe before, during and after a roofing repair job.

Finally, we make sure all of our roofers are fully trained in how to properly and safely provide roofing repair services to our customers. The more our roofers know about how to properly do the repair work, the safer everyone is in the long run and the better our roofing repair services are.

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