Siding: Which Type Is Right For Your Woodbury Home?

Your Woodbury MN home is your most expensive investment, so having the right kind of siding is important so you help to protect your most important purchase. And with all the different choices available, it can be difficult to figure out which type is right for you.

Here are the most popular types of siding in Woodbury and their benefits.

Aluminum siding’s popularity is due in part to its resistance to rust, as well as being waterproof and well insulating. However, it’s prone to dents, and can be impacted by hail storms or other objects hitting it.

Vinyl is the most popular choice of siding thanks to affordability. Vinyl siding has come a long way since its meager beginnings: it rarely dents, does not rust and never requires paint. This type of siding comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes.

Hardboard siding is extremely durable, however, it should be treated for water resistance. Not doing so can result in it becoming too wet, and requiring replacement. It will also need to be periodically repainted.

Veneer siding is made up of a type of stone or brick, ideal for those who love the look of old stones or brick houses, but have a traditional wood-frame home. Veneer is available in a range of textures, colors and thicknesses, and is ideal for those homes in rainy atmospheres, as water is usually unable to penetrate. Maintenance is minimal with veneer siding.

Wood siding can be painted any color you want it. You’ll also find that it’s available in a wide range of patterns and styles, and is easy to install. However, it will need to be frequently repainted and can be impacted by the elements.

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