Siding Repair: Four Benefits of Vinyl Siding

Most people have heard of vinyl siding, but few seem to know its advantages and why it is so popular these days. As experts on siding repair in St Paul, we are often asked about this type of siding and why it is so advantageous. Here are a few reasons we think this type of siding is great for siding repair and more.

Low Maintenance

Probably the biggest perk to vinyl siding is its low maintenance. It rarely requires siding repair and you don’t even have to worry about painting it. In fact, the most you will have to do for upkeep is wash it every once in awhile.

Resistance to the Elements

If you live in an area that experiences a variety of weather events and temperature extremes, vinyl siding is a great choice simply because it is so wind resistant. It withstands the outdoor elements quite well, especially with the extreme hot and extreme cold our area is known for. Siding repair can be a hassle, especially after a severe storm, so vinyl siding could save you a world of inconvenience in the long run.

Resistance to Insects and More

Termites and other bugs are huge pests that we in the siding industry must deal with on a regular basis. These critters can result in the need for a huge siding repair job if they are left unchecked. So that’s why vinyl is a great option. No wood means these pests don’t have anything to feed on or nest in.

Energy Efficiency

Vinyl siding is also great for energy efficiency because of the way it’s installed. It can help reduce the amount of wind, heat and cold that get into your home. And this can result in lower heating and cooling bills!

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