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Siding is essential to the home for so many reasons. From aesthetics to structural soundness, siding is one of the most important parts of the home. Not only can siding add curb appeal to help sell a home, it also helps keep you and your family safe from the outdoor elements and weather. New siding can even completely reinvent a home you’ve lived in for decades! But, it is also important that you hire a siding company you can trust. After all, the quality of your siding installation can make a huge difference in its appearance and functionality.

Siding Cottage GroveAs experts in siding for Cottage Grove and the surrounding areas, we can get you the new siding you want and deserve. Eastern Roofing & Siding has been the trusted name in all things siding for over 20 years. For the past few decades, we have been your one-stop-shop for repairs, installations and more. We are the siding company you can depend on. We are licensed and bonded, and all of our roofing and siding experts are fully trained and certified. Plus, you can rest easier knowing our siding repair comes with a 15 to 30 year guarantee, depending on the materials we use.

So when you’re ready to get your siding project underway, give us a call for a free estimate and to learn more about the many services we offer.

Expert Siding Installation & Repair

Eastern Roofing & Siding has a reputation for high quality work and prompt, friendly, experienced contractors. Our outstanding attention to detail is what sets up apart from the rest. That’s why, when you want siding done right, you should call Eastern Roofing & Siding.
The right siding and proper installation can make a huge difference when it comes to the look and comfort of your home. High quality siding can even help decrease the number you see on your utility bills by adding a little extra insulation. There are so many reasons to invest in new siding for your home.

We know that when you need new siding, you need it done right. We have assisted homeowners with siding replacement that was needed because of storm or weather related damage as well as customers who needed new siding because their old siding had worn out. We have also helped homeowners that need new siding in order to enhance their home and add curb appeal.

Whatever the reason, Eastern Roofing & Siding can help. So, give us a call today.

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For more information about siding in Cottage Grove, call Eastern Roofing & Siding at 651-238-1313 or contact us to Request a Quote.