Siding Contractors Help After Hail Damage

If you have ever experienced a hailstorm at your Woodbury MN home, then you know the damage it can potentially do to your siding. If you notice hail damage right after a storm, make sure you take steps to have a siding contractor look at it right away. From obvious damage, to damage that is less than obvious, it is a good idea to have your siding inspected immediately. If you’re looking for a reputable Woodbury siding contractor, look no further than Eastern Roofing & Siding.

Obvious Hail Damage

If you notice dents or cracks, as a result of hail damage, they will need to be further inspected. Siding contractors are able to provide a thorough evaluation of the true extent of your damage. Don’t hesitate in making the necessary arrangements to have your siding looked at. You may have more extensive damage than you think.

Unnoticeable Damage

Just because you can’t see any hail damage, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. What looks like a minor ding on the outside of the siding, may have caused damage under the surface. Water will take any chance it can get to find a way into your home. Be sure to thoroughly investigate any hail damage, to make sure there isn’t a crack for water to pass through.

Hail damage may accentuate any preexisting damage. For example, if your siding wasn’t installed properly to begin with, it will be less able to stand up to the damaging effects of a hailstorm. If you have siding that wasn’t nailed properly, exposed edges or isn’t level, it will be more likely to chip in the event of a hailstorm.

Are you in need of siding contractor after hail damage has occurred? Give us a call today at 651-238-1313 or contact us online.

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