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For over 25 years, homeowners throughout the Twin Cities metro have turned to Eastern Roofing & Siding for their exterior siding, soffit, and fascia needs. We are 100% committed to delivering only the best finished product for your home, and that dedication is reflected in everything we do. We only partner with industry-leading product manufacturers and use the highest quality installation supplies to ensure we continually exceed our clients’ expectations.

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Whether you’re looking to update your exterior with high-performance siding or dealing with siding damage after a storm, we take pride in helping you protect and enhance your home. Contact our team today to schedule your free estimate!

The Best Siding Services In The Twin Cities & Cottage Grove

Quality siding is your home’s first line of defense against the outside elements. It’s also an important factor in interior temperature maintenance and overall energy efficiency.

Unfortunately, unpredictable Minnesota weather can do quite a number on your home exterior, which makes periodic updates an absolute must. At Eastern Roofing & Siding, we’re here to ensure your home has adequate protection from the outside elements. We offer the following siding services:

Siding Repair

The life expectancy of your siding is determined by the material, installation quality, and environmental factors. On the low end, exterior siding will remain functional for approximately 15 years, but on the high end of the spectrum, it can last up to 50.

If you’re dealing with siding damage or age-related deterioration, we’ll start by performing an inspection to assess the scope of your potential siding repairs. After we’ve located each weak point around your home, we’ll discuss your repair options and deliver your project estimate. When you finalize the details and give us the green light, we’ll get to work on your siding repairs and have your exterior finished as promptly as possible.

New Siding Installation

If siding repairs aren’t feasible or cost effective, new siding installation is typically your best course of action. Our siding contractors will assess the scope of your project, deliver an accurate cost estimate, and help you determine which materials are best suited to your needs and aesthetic goals. If you’re constructing a new home and need quality exterior protection that’s built to last, our siding contractors are here for you, too!

Soffit Repair & Installation

Though damaged soffit may not be highly visible to passersby, aesthetics should never be your only concern. Damaged, aging, or outdated soffit can pose as much of a threat to your home as deteriorating siding, which is why we focus on updating your soffits when we perform your siding job. Most roofing companies will agree: For superior protection and visual appeal, it’s best to have both your siding and soffits done at the same time.

Fascia Repair & Installation

When you update your siding, your fascia should match. Focusing on one without tending to the other will result in an unappealing exterior aesthetic that’s jarring on the eyes. Our siding contractors give meticulous attention to detail by focusing on redoing your fascia in the same style as your new siding. Even if we’re only performing minor fascia repairs, delivering quality workmanship and a cohesive exterior aesthetic are our primary goals.

What Are The Types of Siding?

At Eastern Roofing & Siding, we know exterior design and functionality goals can be vastly different from homeowner to homeowner. To ensure we’re able to meet your needs, we offer a multitude of siding styles and materials to fit any design and budget. Some of our most popular offerings include:

Lap Siding

Lap siding is available in a wide range of materials and is one of the most popular siding styles due to its clean aesthetic and functional appeal. You’ve likely seen many homes with horizontal siding planks that overlap one another, hence the name, lap siding.

Shingle Siding

As the name suggests, shingle siding looks like square-shaped shingles that overlap each other slightly. It offers a unique exterior aesthetic that complements a wide variety of home designs and is available in a wide range of materials.

Vertical Siding

Any siding material can be installed vertically, but the installation requires a more complex process than horizontal siding. Though vertical siding is more commonly found on commercial building exteriors, it offers a unique visual appeal that’s sure to help your home stand out.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl is one of the most popular materials for both new home construction projects and siding replacement installation. Vinyl siding complements any architectural design with a clean, uncomplicated aesthetic while offering impressive longevity and durability. Because vinyl is rot, pest, and warp resistant, it requires very little maintenance to provide enduring exterior protection. When properly installed and maintained vinyl siding, you can generally expect 20-30 years of functionality.

Steel Siding

Steel’s unyielding strength makes it one of the most durable siding materials on the market. It boasts impressive hail, fire, mold, and corrosion resistance, while offering superior UV protection and increased energy efficiency for your home. Because steel is coated with a proprietary protective finish, it resists cracking, peeling, and chipping with minimal ongoing maintenance. On average, steel siding has a lifespan up to 50 years.

Aluminum Siding

When properly installed and maintained, aluminum siding provides excellent protection against exterior water damage and can last up to 40 years. Aluminum is naturally rot, mold, mildew, and insect resistant, which significantly reduces the need for ongoing maintenance.

Aluminum readily accepts paint application in a wide range of colors, which makes it a suitable choice for a variety of architectural styles. Even better, baked-on, specialty aluminum coatings can mimic the appearance of more traditional, wood-grain siding to deliver a charming exterior aesthetic.

Wood Siding

Wood siding has long enjoyed popularity among homeowners everywhere due to its classic visual appeal and versatility. It can be customized to suit a wide variety of architectural designs and accepts virtually any paint color with ease. That said, of all the siding materials we offer, wood is the most susceptible to water- and insect-related damage. On average, you can expect 20-40 years of life out of properly maintained wood siding.

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