Should I Get a Roof Replacement or Just Have it Patched and Repaired?

One day down the road your roof will need to be repaired or replaced altogether. There are a lot of decisions to make regarding the process. All roofs can be repaired but when is it time to just bite the bullet and have it replaced? Eastern Roofing & Siding is here to provide insight with the fine line as to whether or not to repair or undergo a roof replacement for your Minneapolis home.

The obvious does emerge from time-to-time—natural disasters, fires, airplane engine falling from the sky and through your roof—that will call for a roofing replacement (and likely dealings with your home insurance company).

If you come across small holes or leaks in the roof, this is when the decision-making process can become difficult. Weather and time being the enemies of your roof, gradual breakdown will occur on all roofing types. Spring storms, summer heat and winter freezes combine to wreak havoc on your home cover.

In such cases it is wise to call in the help of a professional roofer to help you make the assessment. Consider the following when it comes down to roof repair or roof replacement:

  • Age: How old is that roof of yours? Is it the original roof on your home as it was built or has it been patched up over the years? Or even, has it been replaced altogether at any point? These are questions you will want the answers to. Each roof type has a shelf life. You will want to know its age—the older it is, the more likely you will be to have to opt for a roof replacement.
  • Type: What kind of roof do you have up top? Your roof type will factor in to the repair vs. replacement debate—each specific type having its own particular shelf life. If your roof is of a fancier variety, and therefore more expensive, it may be within your best interests to go with the patchwork repair approach, utilizing that system until it becomes more practical to just replace it altogether.
  • Wear and Tear: Tiles and shingling do fall off over time. These items can easily be replaced. If those items tend to fall off from the same spot over and over again as time passes, this may point to a larger problem—such as a hole and therefore potential leaky spot. A roof replacement may be in your best interests in such cases.
  • Time: When you own a home, it stands to reason that one day you will likely sell it. One decision to weigh is whether replacements will make your roof passable during home inspections and the like. Another item to ponder is whether or not going the roof replacement route will add value to your home and therefore put you in a position to recoup your financial losses during the sale. You can also allow the roof replacement to be the responsibility of the next owners, which can put you in the position of “discounting” your home, increasing the chances of a quicker sale.

If you would like a quote or need roof replacement in Minneapolis, call Eastern Roofing at 651-238-1313, or Contact Us.


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