Roofing Repairs: Common Problems During the Summer

Summer is a great time to be outdoors, but it’s also nice to come back to a safe, secure home. Ensuring this is a matter of several factors, including having a roof in good standing. However, when the weather is warm, you’re more likely to experience problems with your roof, as we’ve noticed by amount of calls for roofing repairs in Woodbury we receive from clients.

Here are some of the more common issues we’re called to address:


No one likes a leaky roof. And when a thunderstorm rolls in, you’ll know whether your roof has a leak or not. Roof leaks are usually the result of damage or an issue with the drainage system(s). These can be prevented by regularly cleaning out your gutters.

Wind Damage

If your roof was installed by a contractor who wasn’t just after your money, then you shouldn’t have to worry too much about wind damage. Others, unfortunately, aren’t so lucky. Should strong winds cause a great deal of damage to your roof, you can bet it wasn’t installed by a scrupulous roofer. And these damages will require an ample amount of repairs.


Trees are wonderful to look at during the summer, but they sometimes can be a roof’s worst nightmare. A storm can cover your roof with a substantial amount of debris, or cause branches to break off and strike your roof. Before this happens, be aware of the trees surrounding your home, and whether they could cause you a roofing headache. Another thing to remember about debris is it can cause clogged gutters, which leads to a leaking roof.

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