Roofing Installation Throughout the Ages

You may be of the thinking that roofs have been here all along, or for as long has people have been sheltered. Not the case. Once humankind moved beyond living within caves and/or under cover of one sort or another, they had to in essence, become creative and industrious in building shelter for themselves.

Floor being part of shelter as the earth itself, walls and roof were needed. If you are looking to cover your dwelling or repair, improve your existing one, chances are you will be seeking out professional roofing installation, for your Inver Grove Heights home. The choice is yours though, feel free to slay an animal and use its hide for roofing purposes.

The first known roof ever in use is from 40,000 years ago, a wooly mammoth skin used in Siberia. Skins of other sorts were used in combination with any number of hybrids of sticks, grasses, mud and so forth. Professional roofing installation still being a long ways off, if you seek a roofing installation of wooly mammoth, that species is rumored to be in very short supply.

No major developments in roofing of real note came along until the ancient Romans. The Romans started the phenomenon of slating and tiling in their roofing efforts, somewhere around 100BCE. In 735 CE we have the supposed birth of the thatched roof, followed by wooden shingles occurring 1000 years ago.

In 12th century England, King John decreed that all reed and thatch roofs must be replaced by clay tiles, as law. Clay tiles became the norm in England and surrounding countries at this point in time thanks to mass production efforts. Roofing as we know it was born in this era, improvements and developments coming over time into seemingly limitless ways and types with which to cover a building or dwelling.

The roofing industry has gone through sweeping changes over the last 200 years. A quality roof is safety and protection from the elements. It assists our efforts to stay warm during winter and cool during the summer. It protects what we love and provides safety and strength, if properly applied by a professional roofing installer. Roofing choices are endless. New developments are trending toward eco-friendly options. Roofing remains among one of the human’s most useful inventions.

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