Roof Repair: Buying or Selling a Home

Are you thinking about buying or selling a home? Then it is time to make the necessary roof repairs. You’ll probably want to have the home inspected, and one of the first things an inspector will check is the roof. They will be looking to make sure there isn’t any water damage or other substantial damage. A home inspector is trained to look under the surface for hidden damage, so there’s no escaping this one. Have our professional team of Woodbury roof repair experts make any necessary repairs before you find out during a routine home inspection that the roof will need a great deal of work.

Water Damage

Some forms of water damage are very noticeable, others are not. If you have water leaking into your home or large brown spots on the ceiling, you know you have water damage. But, some other forms of water damage can take even more dangerous shapes. Sitting water can result in mold forming. This can be dangerous to your health, especially if you have a pre-existing lung condition. Water damage can also harm the foundation of your home by weakening the structure. This can cause the frame to shift or, in some instances break,. It is especially important to have any water damage taken care of right away.

Overall Repairs

A home inspector will also look at what shape the roof is in as a whole. They will do a basic check for holes, cracks, missing shingles, blisters, bubbling, etc. All of these are just symptoms of a larger problem. It is either an indicator of significant damage in the past, or an indicator there is damage right under the surface. As roofs age and they are exposed to the elements, they tend to wear out. If you have had your roof for a very long time, it may be time to think about getting the roof replaced before you sell. If you are buying a home, you’ll want to know if you’re getting yourself into a situation where a roof replacement would be necessary.

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