Inver Grove Heights Roofing Contractors Know What Causes Roofs to Leak

Inver Grove Heights Roofing ContractorsThose dreaded three words: A leaky roof. We’ve all heard the horror stories from someone we know. The rain comes, it starts to drip inside, forcing the search for buckets and other containers to hold the water. It can be annoying.

When our team of expert Inver Grove Heights roofing contractors investigate and fix a leaking roof, the question clients ask is, “What’s causing the leak?” We won’t know the answer until we look into the issue, but it’s often one of the following:


When leaves, branches, moss and other obstructions gather on your roof, they slow down water flow by holding it back and causing it to flow sideways. Roofs are made for water to flow straight down, and these obstructions will need to be removed by an expert Inver Grove Heights roofing contractor. Roofs, are water resistant, not water proof.

Wind-Driven Rain

Rainstorms with lots of wind may cause the rain to find its way past flashing installed with only traditional rainfall in mind. Common leak areas during these storms are flashing around chimneys and skylights, and the flashing will have to be repaired by an Inver Grove Heights roofing contractor.


With harsh or damaging winds or weather, flashing can become dilapidated over time. Often, flashing is the most common cause of roof leaks. It can be because of age and normal wear and tear, or because it was installed improperly to begin with. If not addressed, it will cause a leak(s) to develop over time.

Using the Roof as a Drain Pipe

A roof is meant to shed rainwater, and should not be treated as a downspout. When downspouts that drain upper gutters empty onto the roof, it was cause the granules to wear off the shingles.

Missing fasteners and shingles

High winds can cause fasteners and shingles to blow off your roof. If these were on a part of the roof hard to see, you might not know they’re gone until the leaking starts.

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