Have roof repairs done before the snow falls

Think of snow crashing through your ceiling and landing on your living room. Not a pretty visual, is it?

A recent Angie’s List report had a home fall checklist, which included:

Roof: The roof is one of the most important parts of the house because it provides direct shelter from the elements. It’s also one of the most expensive and time-consuming to fix. Roofing contractors suggest you have your roof inspected in the fall before winter, and again in the spring, after winter. A roof inspection can help identify potential signs that could lead to major problems – some roofing companies don’t charge for this service. Replace any cracked or damaged shingles or roofing

There are few homeowners out there who want to have their roof replaced when snow is falling from the sky. And in many cases, there is nothing more distressing than having a leaky roof and having to get a bucket whenever there’s a chance of precipitation. If there are any roof repairs you need done, get them done now before the snow falls.

Of course, a bad winter means you might have to deal with certain issues that can be (hopefully) fixed after the snow goes away. Winter weather can wreak havoc on a roof, and cause it to need serious repairs. There are three main causes for this: leaks, water damage and ice dams.

Leaks occur usually at the flashing or drain. This can be a result of improper installation, high winds, rain and other factors causing it to pull away. Make sure your fall roof inspection involves looking at the flashing, and seeing if it can make it through the winter. If not, it’s best to have it replaced.

Water damage is the result of snowstorms or ice buildup that keeps the home from being efficiently heated, causing damaged shingles and trusses. If this is a real concern, you may want to consider having an attic ventilation system installed.

The last issue is ice dams, which cause backed up water to seep under flashing, roof shingles, tiles and more. The result is major water damage. The best way to prevent this is to remove snow from the roof with a roof rake, but only as long as it’s safe.

Here’s to a great winter, everyone!


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