Fall is Almost Here: How to Prepare Your Roof for Autumn

Can you believe that it is almost fall? Time for the leaves to start changing. Time for Halloween and Thanksgiving. It’s hard to believe that summer is nearly over. We here at Eastern Roofing & Siding, a company specializing in roof repair in Woodbury, have some tips for you on how to make sure your roof is ready for the cooler weather.

Clean Your Gutters

Leaves and debris can collect in your home’s gutters and cause them to back up. So when it rains, the water that lands on your roof has nowhere to go. This can cause it to collect on your roof and cause your roof to leak. Then the next thing you know, you have to call us to come to your home for roof repair. Making sure your gutters are clean can be a tedious chore to do, but it’s an important one to do before the cold weather precipitation hits.

Clean Your Roof

If you feel confident enough, get onto your roof and clear off leaves and other debris. We recommend you get on your roof only when it’s clear and sunny out, and only if you are in good health and able to move around with ease. Otherwise, hire someone else to do this chore for you. Remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So taking the time to clean your roof and gutters could save you a world of hassle, not to mention money, in the long run.

Check Your Roof

If you are up there cleaning off your roof, you might as well do a visual inspection for any damage. Check the shingles, soffits and other parts of your roof to make sure you don’t need to call us for roof repair. If this is a chore you are not comfortable doing, you can call Eastern Roofing & Siding. We can come out and do an inspection to make sure there is nothing amiss.

For more information on roof repair in Woodbury, call Eastern Roofing & Siding at 651-238-1313 or contact us and Request a Free Quote.

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