DIY Vinyl Siding Repair

Vinyl siding provides an attractive and economical finish to your home. It is easy to maintain, but it can be damaged.

It could crack if something impacts it. The barbecue grill may be too close, causing it to melt. And, a careless gardener may let the weed whacker come in contact with the vinyl siding and cut it. Then you’ll need to perform a vinyl siding repair.

Vinyl siding repair is not difficult for do-it-yourselfers. If you don’t have an extra piece, there are many suppliers that can match your existing vinyl siding. You’ll also need a claw hammer and a vinyl siding zip tool.

Use the zip tool to unhook the bottom of the first undamaged siding panel that is above the damaged piece. By lifting the bottom of the good piece away from the wall, you will see the nails that hold the top of the damaged siding. Remove the nails and you will be able to slide the damaged siding down to remove it. If there are more damaged panels, remove them as well.

Cut the new panel so it can slide back and forth about 3/8 of an inch if there will be J-channels at each end. This is to allow for expansion without distortion. Insert one end of the new panel into the J-channel on one side. Then bow the vinyl panel out away from the wall to insert the other end into the J-panel on the opposite end. Now you can slide it up to lock it into the panel below.

Center the panel between the J-channels. Now insert the nails in the center of the nail slots at the top, every sixteen inches. Drive the nails in far enough so they do not interfere with the locking of the panel above, but loose enough to allow movement of the panel when it expands and contracts. When you have finished, you should be able to slide the vinyl panel back and forth.

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