Common Siding Damage After Woodbury Storms

Spring is a time of beauty and growth. By this time, flowers have bloomed and trees are green again. But springtime also brings about storms, some that can be severe. Residents of Woodbury MN are no strangers to thunder, lightening, hail and strong winds. While you can take all the precautions in the world, sometimes siding damage is enviable. Our team at Eastern Roofing has been serving the residents of Woodbury for many years, and we have seen it all.

As your local Woodbury siding contractors, we are equipped to handle all kinds of repairs after a storm. We will do an analysis of the damage and then recommend to you the type of repairs that are necessary. If you are experiencing any of the following problems after a storm, give us a call.

  • Cracking & Ripping: Siding can become cracked or ripped when debris comes in contact with it. Cracks can also occur, though due to old age. An experienced Woodbury siding contractor will be able to spot the difference.
  • Chipping: Chips can become a problem after a hail storm. If you notice that your siding has been chipped, contact a professional. They will be able to repair the chipped sections permanently.
  • Breaking: During the most extreme springtime storms, it is possible that a piece of siding may break off entirely. This is understandably a cause for concern.  Your siding is your first line of defense between you and Mother Nature.
  • Denting: Denting is a common occurrence after severe Woodbury storms. If you have unsightly dents in your siding, our team of Woodbury siding contractors will be able to evaluate the damage in a timely fashion.

Don’t hesitate when you have storm damage to your siding. The quicker you handle your repairs, the less likely they are to become any worse.

To get in touch with our team of Woodbury siding contractors, call us 651-238-1313 or Request a Quote.

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