Choosing the Right Siding Contractors for your Inver Grove Heights Home

You’re starting to notice that your Inver Grove Heights home’s siding just isn’t what it used to be. Maybe some of it is starting to fall off the side of your home, or maybe it’s cracked or split in some places. Maybe you’re thinking of selling your home this spring, so you want to put your best foot forward. Regardless of the reason for hiring siding contractors, here are a few tips from us here at Eastern Roofing & Siding to help you choose the best Inver Grove Heights siding contractor:

      • Keep in mind that choosing a siding contractor for your Inver Grove Heights home is more than just gathering estimates and choosing the cheapest one. If you choose a bad contractor who improperly installs the siding, that can void the manufacturer’s warranty. Usually the best place to start your search is through word of mouth. Ask family members and friends if they have recently had siding installed and, if so, what contractor they used. Was the work done properly? Were the contractors efficient and friendly? Did they keep all of the promises they made about the work, the siding and the cost? Here are a few red flags:
          1. Contractors who try to give you a discount on the siding or installation services if you purchase them right away.
          2. Contractors who try to scare you by claiming your home and its siding pose a hazard of some sort. (Unless the siding is literally hanging on by a thread!)
          3. Contractors who offer “bargain prices” and offer you leftover materials from another recent local job.
      • When you start looking into potential siding contractors, ask for the physical street address of their office or warehouse. Head over there when you get a minute and take a look. Do the offices appear to be in good condition? Are the staff members friendly, or do they appear to be annoyed that you dropped in?
      • Make sure the company is insured. The siding contractors should carry comprehensive general liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. Make sure the company is licensed by the state of Minnesota or the local city. (This is not the same as a business license though!) Also make sure the company is credentialed.
      • See if the siding contractors will provide you with a list of references or referrals from previous jobs. Try to call at least three of them and ask some general questions about the quality of the work done and if they’d hire the company again.
      • Ask about workmanship warranties. They should usually last one year or more.

Of course, you can always trust the professional and courteous staff at Eastern Roofing & Siding when you’re ready for new siding on your Inver Grove Heights home. Just give us a call at (651) 238-1313 or request a free home exteriors quote.

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