Want Better Household Heat Retention? Ways Window Replacement Can Help
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Want Better Household Heat Retention? Ways Window Replacement Can Help

Are your winter heating bills historically high? If so, your house is likely losing heat through one or more exit points. And typically, those exit points aren’t formed by home damage or deterioration. So what’s the culprit behind your household heat loss? There’s a good chance it’s your windows, and that’s especially likely if your home is on the older side and you haven’t had window replacement in many years.

Curious how installing new windows helps your house retain more heat? The experts at Eastern Roofing & Siding explain below.

Modern Windows Provide Better Insulation

If your windows appear to be in great condition but you still feel like your house is losing heat, you probably have single-pane windows, the least insulating variety. Modern, double- or triple-pane windows, on the other hand, feature multiple panes of glass that provide superior protection against heat loss. Even better, you can opt to include clear Argon or Krypton gas between each pane to increase the windows’ insulating capacity.

Need proof they work? Researchers estimate that on average, homeowners can save about 25-30% on their heating and cooling costs when they make the switch to energy-efficient windows. 

Window Replacement Eliminates Cold Drafts

Even if you choose not to opt for energy-efficient window replacements, you can still prevent a great deal of heat loss by installing new standard windows. Because older windows tend to deteriorate around their seals, they often allow small amounts of cold air to travel inside your home, creating drafty areas. And if cold air can travel in, warm air can certainly travel out.

If you suspect your windows are drafty, simply grab a candle, light it, and hold it in front of each window. If the flame flickers, you’ve got air leaks that must be dealt with. To remedy the problem, you can apply additional caulking as a temporary fix, but only window replacement will provide a long-term solution.

New Window Installation Dramatically Reduces the Need for Ongoing Maintenance

How often do you re-apply caulking or weatherstripping to your windows? Though applying additional sealant will certainly help prevent heat loss, it’s a quick fix that won’t last. Caulking and weatherstripping will inevitably deteriorate over time; plus, they don’t provide as tight or strong of a seal as new windows do. If you must perform this kind of maintenance on a regular basis, it’s time to seriously consider opting for window replacements.

Time for New Window Installation? Contact Eastern Roofing & Siding

Are your windows past their prime? Let our team at Eastern Roofing & Siding help you out. For over 25 years, we’ve specialized in window replacement and installation services for Twin Cities homeowners, and our number one goal is your complete satisfaction. If you’re ready to discuss your window installation options, schedule a free estimate today or give us a call at 651-238-1313. You can also contact us online with any questions, and we’ll be in touch!

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