Pros and Cons of Steel Siding
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Pros and Cons of Steel Siding

Is your home due for siding replacement? As one of the most important protective components of your home, siding helps prevent structural damage caused by insects, water, wind, and other outdoor threats. Given the critical role it plays, it’s imperative that you choose a high-quality, durable siding material that’s designed to provide lasting protection.

For many homeowners, steel is an attractive option as it’s well-known as one of the most durable siding materials around. If you’ve been considering replacing your existing siding with steel, read on to learn about the pros and cons of steel siding installation.

Steel Siding Pros

When it comes to siding materials, both siding contractors and building owners recognize steel as one of the best options on the market. When you choose to install steel siding on your home, you’ll enjoy a number of benefits, including:

●        Wind resistance. Steel siding is rated to withstand winds of up to 150 mph, depending on the quality of the steel and integrity of the siding installation. In our windy Twin Cities climate, steel siding is an excellent choice for protecting your home from summer storm-related damage.  

●        Fire resistance. Steel is non-combustible, which makes it naturally fire resistant. Unlike vinyl siding, which can melt, or wood siding, which can obviously burn, steel offers unmatched protection against fire ignition and spread. Installing metal roofing in addition to metal siding can provide you with unmatched fire protection for your home.

●        Long lifespan. Steel siding typically lasts a minimum of 40 years with quality installation. Many steel siding manufacturers also offer impressively long product warranties. 

●        Low environmental impact. If you’re concerned about your environmental impact, opting for steel siding is an excellent choice. The material is fully recyclable, so when you do need to install new siding, you won’t contribute to unnecessary waste.

●        Low maintenance. High-quality steel won’t crack, chip, or warp, which makes it incredibly easy to care for. While other types of siding require periodic repainting or resealing, steel siding only requires annual or semi-annual cleaning.

●        Durability. Most types of steel siding are highly impact resistant, so heavy hail and other falling (or flying) objects won’t cause dents.

If you’re looking for durability, longevity, and minimal maintenance, opting for steel for your siding replacement is an excellent choice. But, like anything, steel siding isn’t perfect. It does have a few drawbacks, which we’ll share next.

Steel Siding Cons

Whether you’re already leaning toward installing steel siding or you’re still considering your options, it’s important to understand potential drawbacks before you make a final decision. While steel is one of the best siding materials on the market in terms of its protective qualities, it does have a few cons, which include:

●        Cost. Steel siding itself is more expensive than most other siding materials because it outlasts and outperforms most other siding materials. Beyond the cost of materials, the cost of siding installation for steel is typically more expensive than for other types of siding because it requires special techniques and tools. Steel usually also requires more time to install as the installation process is more technical than for other types of siding. 

●        Potential for corrosion. With prolonged exposure to moisture, steel siding can develop corrosion. However, this is typically only true of lower-quality steel that doesn’t feature a durable protective coating. If you’re going to opt for steel, it’s best to choose a high-quality option to avoid corrosion — even if its initial expense is greater. The higher-quality steel you select, the longer it will last.

●        Lack of insulation. Metal isn’t a great insulator, neither from temperature nor sound. If you choose to opt for steel siding, it typically requires extra sheathing or insulation to help mitigate heat and sound transfer. 

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