Cooling Bills Out of Control? How Energy-Efficient Windows Help You Beat the Heat
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Cooling Bills Out of Control? How Energy-Efficient Windows Help You Beat the Heat

Have your cooling bills risen out of control in recent years? Are you looking for ways to reduce your annual energy consumption? Good news: energy-efficient windows can help make outrageous power bills a thing of the past. Below, our Eastern Roofing & Siding team explains what sets energy-efficient windows apart and why they’re a smart investment.

What Are Energy-Efficient Windows?

Energy-efficient window installation helps decrease your energy bills by limiting the amount of heat transfer your home experiences. They boast a number of design features that function to provide additional insulation and heat-reflective properties, including:

●        Specialized coatings. Energy-efficient windows feature low-emissivity glass, which is achieved by applying a special reflective coating to each window pane.

●        Multiple panes. Standard, single-pane windows offer very little in terms of insulation. Energy-efficient windows, on the other hand, feature multi-pane glass, which helps insulate against outdoor temperatures.

●        Specialty frames. The frame that surrounds an energy-efficient window contains additional insulation to further seal the window against heat transfer.

●        Gas insulation. Many energy-efficient windows contain insulating argon or krypton gas between each pane of glass. Because these gases are denser than air, they provide additional protection against heat transfer.

Because energy-efficient windows feature multiple panes, they’re also more impact resistant than their standard counterparts. Because the Twin Cities area is prone to high winds, many homeowners find the additional protection an attractive feature.

Benefits of Energy-Efficient Window Replacement

If you’re considering energy-efficient window replacements, you’ll be pleased to know they offer substantial benefits over standard, single-pane replacement windows. Beyond annual energy cost savings, insulated windows offer:

●        A more environmentally friendly approach to heating and cooling your home

●        Improved year-round indoor temperature regulation

●        Reduced window condensation

●        Greater longevity

●        Insulation against outdoor noise

●        Reduced need for ongoing maintenance

●        UV protection for upholstered furniture, rugs, and hardwood flooring

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