Routine Roof Maintenance: 3 Things Every Homeowner Must Do
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Routine Roof Maintenance: 3 Things Every Homeowner Must Do

Whether you’re getting ready for a summer roof replacement or you’re trying to extend the life of your existing roof, routine maintenance is the key to lasting roof performance. A properly maintained roof — barring severe weather conditions — can last several decades. But when neglected, even a new roof can suffer unnecessary deterioration that shortens its lifespan by several years. Below, our Eastern Roofing & Siding team has a few valuable maintenance tips that can help keep your roof in top form over the long term.

Remove Algae and Moss

Moss and algae growths aren’t just an eyesore; they can do some serious damage to your roof if allowed to proliferate unchecked. Because moss and algae must absorb ambient moisture to survive, they hold that moisture against the surface of your roof as long they sit there. Over time, moisture can cause shingle deterioration, which can allow water to penetrate the structure beneath the surface of the roof.

To avoid water damage and roof rot, remove organic growths from your roof as soon as you notice them. To get rid of them, apply a 50:50 solution of chlorine bleach and water to any areas where such growths are present, and allow the solution to sit for a few minutes. Follow that up with a quick garden-hose rinse to flush away any remaining debris.

Trim Your Trees Annually

A little bit of tree trimming can go a long way in protecting your roof from accidental damage. Plus, tree trimming can also help keep organic debris from collecting or growing on your shingles. To avoid roof replacement or repair due to tree damage, try to trim back overhanging branches so they’re at least 10 feet from the outside of your home.

Watch for Winter Ice Dams

One of the worst things you can allow on your roof is a growing ice dam. Because ice dams prevent melting snow from draining off your roof, they allow water to pool on the surface of your shingles. It doesn’t take much time for that water to seep beneath the shingles’ surface, where it will penetrate the roof’s structural components.

Eventually, water will enter the attic, where it can cause mold and mildew to form, or even roof rot if the leaks grow severe enough. Any time you notice ice formations around the edges of your roof, either remove them yourself or have a professional do the job for you. Prompt ice dam removal is one of the best ways to avoid leaks and associated roof repairs.

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