Protect Your Gutters This Winter: What Every Homeowner Should Know
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Protect Your Gutters This Winter: What Every Homeowner Should Know

Winter is here in the Twin Cities — have you taken the appropriate steps to protect your home exterior? Of all the exterior components you should safeguard against winter weather, your gutters are one of the most important due to their high susceptibility to ice and snow damage.

Not sure how to properly protect your gutters this winter? Below, the experts at Eastern Roofing & Siding explain what you need to do to keep your gutter system in top form throughout the snowy season.

Clean Your Gutters and Downspouts

If you haven’t cleaned your gutters yet, don’t wait any longer. Debris-free gutters and downspouts are key for preventing gutter clogs and ice dam formation, so you should complete this job as early as possible.

Ideally, you should tackle gutter cleaning in late autumn before the first snow falls. If you’re a little behind schedule, though, you should still be able to clean your gutters thoroughly before the worst winter weather hits. 

Trim Overhanging Branches

If you have large trees with overhanging branches near your house, they can put your gutters at risk. Days of snow and ice accumulation can sometimes be too much for weaker tree branches to bear. It’s not uncommon for limbs to detach from the tree trunk when the weight they carry becomes too heavy, and falling limbs can easily damage both your gutters and your roof.

To avoid the need for gutter repair or replacement, be sure to trim back long tree branches around your house each year. If you’re uncomfortable tackling the job yourself, a professional tree trimmer can take care of it for you.   

Consider Gutter Guard Installation

When snow and ice accumulate inside your gutters, that buildup can quickly lead to a budding ice dam, a potentially hazardous situation for your roof. Fortunately, there’s a super simple way to keep ice and snow out of your gutters for good: gutter guard installation.

With gutter guard installation, you’ll not only enjoy a dramatically reduced likelihood of snow-related gutter clogs and ice dams, but you’ll also enjoy several other benefits, including:

●        Efficient year-round roof water drainage

●        Reduced need for gutter cleaning and maintenance

●        Enhanced protection against debris-related gutter corrosion

●        Enhanced protection against debris-related fire

●        Pest prevention

Gutter leaf protection is highly versatile because it keeps snow, ice, and all forms of outdoor debris out of your gutter system year round. As such, it’s one of the best investments you can make to protect both your gutters and your entire home exterior.

Consider Implementing Gutter Heating Devices

Throughout winter, your roof must remain cold to prevent ice dam formation, but you can keep your gutters warm without risking a problem. Gently heating your gutter system will ensure water can flow freely through each trough and exit the system via the downspouts. This will prevent ice and snow buildup inside your gutters, which further enhances protection against ice dams. 

Talk to a Gutter Contractor Today: Contact Eastern Roofing & Siding

If you’re in the market for gutter guard installation or you need a few gutter repairs before winter sets in, don’t hesitate to contact our team at Eastern Roofing & Siding. For over 25 years, we’ve proudly served homeowners throughout Woodbury, Cottage Grove, Inver Grove Heights, and the surrounding Twin Cities metro. We’d be happy to help you protect your home, too.

Ready to get started? Give us a call at 651-238-1313 or request your free estimate today. You can also send us a message, and we’ll get back to you promptly.

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