Are Gutters & Downspouts Necessary? What You Need to Know About Gutter Installation
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Are Gutters & Downspouts Necessary? What You Need to Know About Gutter Installation

Whether you own a home that doesn’t have gutters or your existing gutters are severely deteriorated, you should understand what kind of damage your house is at risk for. While gutters and downspouts are certainly optional — there’s no building code that requires them — they play an integral role in protecting your home and property.

Is new gutter installation something you should opt for? Take a look at what you need to know below.

What’s the Point of Gutters & Downspouts?

Gutters and downspouts serve one incredibly important function: collecting water that drains off your roof and diverting that water away from your home. If your home doesn’t have gutters or it has them but they’re full of cracks and holes, the water that drains off your roof inevitably falls within inches of your house.

Over time, that water can damage your foundation and during particularly heavy rains, it can wash away soil around your house and destroy your landscaping.

Advantages of Gutter Installation

Properly installed and maintained gutters and downspouts offer robust protection from several types of water-related deterioration that can occur both on and around your home exterior. With high-quality gutters you’ll enjoy:

●        Protection from landscaping damage and soil displacement near your home

●        Increased protection from water-loving insects that are attracted to excessive moisture in the soil

●        Protection from mold and mildew growth both on and beneath your siding

●        Protection from water accumulation near your foundation

●        Protection from water-related siding stains and deterioration

Which Homes Desperately Need Gutter Installation?

In Minnesota, it’s safe to say that every home should have gutters and downspouts. While homes in very arid, desert-like climates can do without them, we get plenty of precipitation in the Twin Cities area, which makes gutters essential.

If any of the following situations apply to your home and you don’t currently have gutters or yours are due for replacement, you need to get in touch with a gutter contractor asap:

●        Your house is at the bottom of a slope. When the land around your home slopes upward, any water that drains off your roof won’t have any place to go. Water can’t drain uphill, so it’ll stay put around the foundation of your home unless you have downspouts that direct it elsewhere.

●        The soil around your home is primarily clay. Soil that’s rich in clay doesn’t absorb water well, so when it rains and water drains off your roof, that water will pool right next to your home. It can attract insects, damage your landscaping and even contribute to foundation deterioration.

●        Your roof has minimal or no overhang (it has short eaves). If your eaves are super short or non-existent, any water that drains off your roof will fall within an inch or two of your foundation. During heavy rains, your home’s lowest level may be at risk for water intrusion.

Eastern Roofing & Siding: Your Woodbury Gutter Installation Experts

Whether you don’t yet have gutters or your home is due for gutter replacement or repair, get in touch with our team at Eastern Roofing & Siding! For over 25 years, we’ve specialized in premium-quality gutter installation and repair, and we also offer gutter guard installation for additional protection against water damage. To learn more about our services or schedule an appointment, give us a call today at 651-238-1313 or connect with us online to request a free estimate.

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