4 Most Desirable Exterior Features for First Time Homeowners
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4 Most Desirable Exterior Features for First Time Homeowners

Hello, first-time home buyer! Your first home is something to be proud of. It takes a tremendous amount of work and confidence to invest in the precious commodity of property. However, the responsibilities of homeownership do not stop when you shake the realtor’s hands and fill out the paperwork; it’s time to make it your own.

Let’s discuss some exterior features for first-time homeowners!


Roofing is an overlooked but crucial part of your home’s exterior. The armor of shingles protects your attic and the rest of your home’s interior from water damage. If you find your new home’s roof in poor condition, you might be looking at a huge blow to your finances for water damage repair and roofing replacement.

Installing or repairing your roof as a new homeowner is crucial to a protected and cost-efficient home. It helps with insulation, thus allowing you to cut the cost of energy consumption.


Siding acts as the face of your home. The various types of siding you can install leave you with plenty of options, all with their own set of benefits and drawbacks. However, no matter what pros and cons you consider with new siding, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. With property value skyrocketing, new installments like siding will boost your home's equity, helping you get a better price if you decide to sell in the future.

Additionally, like roofing, siding provides a shield against the elements and air-tight insulation, helping you cut energy costs.


Does your new home have an immaculate view? Well, it’s a great idea to get the most out of it with a new window installation! Get those sizable, pristine windows you’ve always dreamed of so you can enjoy your morning coffee while watching the sunrise.

Depending on what type of window, they provide a sufficient amount of natural light during the day, helping you keep the lights off and keeping money in your pocket.


Gutters may not be the most glorious exterior option, but it is well worth it. Gutters help keep water flowing away from your roof and your home, negating potential water damage. So, if you spot gutters that need some work when you move them, it’s best to contact a trusted professional and get them in working condition.

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