2022 Color Trends for Your Minnesota Home
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2022 Color Trends for Your Minnesota Home

Nothing brings the style together quite like the color design, no matter what facet of the exterior you repair or replace in your Minnesota home. A great color design helps compliment your roof, siding, and other accents on the doors and windows.

Sure, switching up the color style is mainly for aesthetics, but a great color significantly increases your home's value.

Let’s look at some color trends for Minnesota homes in 2022!

Black & White

Let’s face it, black and white is a classic and will probably never go out of style. The sheer contrast between the lightest and darkest colors on the color wheel is always a home run. One thing to keep in mind about black and white color design is the pattern you go with. If your home is exposed to the sun all day, white may be a better primary color, while black acts better as the accent since darker colors soak up the sun's rays.

If your home is in a shaded area, then black can work better as the primary color!

Warm Neutrals

Bright white coatings act as a blank canvas for your interior, especially if you have a lot of artwork to hang up. However, the warm neutral color for your exteriors is easy on the eyes and gives your home a welcoming appeal. If you are repainting a farmhouse, it’s best to keep this color style in mind, as it will help keep your house cool in the summer while not magnifying the sun’s light across your property.


The color green is, by far, one of the most soothing colors the world has to offer. After all, green is the color of plants and other living lifeforms, plus the color of money! Many positive areas associate with green, which means your house can too!

For a modern metropolitan home, you can go with a lighter green, like lime, for a loud and standout color style. Conversely, if you like the darker aesthetic for your cabin or country home, forest green with darker accents will fit right in and even help blend your house into the countryside!

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2022 Color Trends for Your Minnesota Home

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