Summer Storm Damage: 3 Ways You Can Protect Your Home

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Here in the Twin Cities, our homes see their fair share of potentially damaging weather conditions. And at Eastern Roofing & Siding, we know the best way to avoid extensive storm damage repairs is to prepare your home and property before summer storm season hits. Below, we’ve outlined a few valuable suggestions to help you safeguard your home against weather-related damage.

Routine Roof Maintenance: 3 Things Every Homeowner Must Do

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Whether you’re getting ready for a summer roof replacement or you’re trying to extend the life of your existing roof, routine maintenance is the key to lasting roof performance. A properly maintained roof — barring severe weather conditions — can last several decades. But when neglected, even a new roof can suffer unnecessary deterioration that shortens its lifespan by several years. Below, our Eastern Roofing & Siding team has a few valuable maintenance tips that can help keep your roof in top form over the long term.

Cooling Bills Out of Control? How Energy-Efficient Windows Help You Beat the Heat

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Have your cooling bills risen out of control in recent years? Are you looking for ways to reduce your annual energy consumption? Good news: energy-efficient windows can help make outrageous power bills a thing of the past. Below, our Eastern Roofing & Siding team explains what sets energy-efficient windows apart and why they’re a smart investment.

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